Frequently asked questions

We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions for you.

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How to measure your dog correctly?

We recommend measuring the circumference of your dog's neck with a tape measure. This measurement is usually the most accurate. Measure the circumference of the neck with the dog standing, when measuring, insert two fingers under the meter. Example: If your neck circumference is 39 cm when measured, then according to the size table, the ideal size is M.

Return / exchange?

You can return or exchange the goods within 14 days of delivery. However, we will be very happy if you give us a reason, because we care about the satisfaction of our customers and want to constantly improve our products and services. Products must not be worn, washed or dirty. You can send the goods to the address: Lafi Haf, Považská Teplá 93, 017 05.

Product care?

Take good care of your new Lafi Haf products:

- Do not throw them in the washing machine or in the dryer.

- Make sure that they are not immersed in water for a long time.

- Clean them exclusively by hand.

Remember that our products are handmade and rough handling could destroy them. However, this does not apply to their strength - our products will hold even the strongest dogs.